Vfold Pipeline offers a new user-friendly approach to the fully automated prediction of RNA 3D structures with given sequences. It first predicts 2D structures using the Vfold2D model [1-6] and then predicts 3D structures based on the predicted 2D structures using the Vfold3D [7] and VfoldLA [8] models. The Vfold3D/VfoldLA methods are based on the assembly of A-form helices with loop and/or motif templates, extracted from the known RNA 3D structures.

Due to the limitation of the current template library, Vfold Pipeline may give no predictions.


Job information

JobID* Seq2D info Excluded PDB SHAPE file Email Job status Duration
VFOLDPPLN_1ffy_ZHFU seq2D_info excluded_pdblist Done 4.0 m

Job progress information

  • STEP 1: Predicting 2D structures by Vfold2D.
  •         Get 1 npk 2D structure.
  • 2D structure prediction is done. Get 1 npk 2D structure.
  • STEP 2: Predicting 3D structures by Vfold3D and VfoldLA based on the predicted 2D structures.
  • STEP 2.1: Predicting 3D structures for npk 2D structure #1.
  •         npk 3D structure prediction is done.
  • 3D structure prediction is all done.
  • Task has been completed.


Result summary
2D DBN 2D Figure[9] 3D Number 3D File 3D Figure[10]
npk1 npk1 5 1ffy_npk1_vfold.pdb 1ffy_npk1_vfold.pdb

npk: non-pseudoknot
pk: pseudoknot

Zip file of results: 1ffy_results.zip

References for Vfold Pipeline:
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